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The Best Adventure Activities Near Berthlwyd

The Best Adventure Activities Near Berthlwyd

North Wales is now on the bucket list of destinations for adrenaline seekers around the world. From our gorgeous secluded corner of North Wales in the Conwy Valley, our holiday home owners are perfectly situated to enjoy some the best and most renowned adventure pursuits in the world.

  1. Surf Snowdonia

Surf Snowdonia is the worlds first ‘inland surf lagoon’. Whether your a beginner that wants to give it a go or a seasoned veteran who simply doesn’t want to rely on the British weather conditions (who can blame them?!), Surf Snowdonia can cater for all levels and experience. And, what’s more, it is just located a 10 minute drive from out park. If you’re not up for donning the wetsuit and giving it a go yourself, there are plenty of other activities to get incolced with such as the crash and splash lagoon, indoor play, skate ramp and a bar and restaurant.

2. Zip World

Zip World actually run a number of attractions here in North Wales, so maybe this is cheating but it is hard to choose just one! They have Velocity 2, the worlds fastest zipline! There is also the expansive slate taverns that have Europes ‘largest zipping zone’ and bounce below, suspended underground nets and trampoline adventures and Zip Fforest which includes a mountain roller-coaster and tree-tops adventure course

3. Take a boat ride

There are a number of boat rides you can take from nearby. In Conwy, leaving the harbour regularly on weekends and holidays is the Queen Victoria sightseeing cruise, which takes you on a trip down Conwy river and down to the estuary. There is also a similar cruise that departs from near Llandudno pier that takes you around the Great Orme where there is an abundance of rugged terrain and wildlife. For the adrenaline junkies amongst us, there is Rib Rides in Menai that take you on a trip around Anglesey on a high-speed rib or back in Llandudno, jet-boat ridesĀ  that speed up and down the bay.