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Conwy’s Most Haunted Locations

Conwy’s Most Haunted Locations

Wales is known for it’s supernatural and mythological stories and with Halloween is just around the corner, we thought we’d delve into the spookier side of our beautiful area. Here is a roundup of some of Conwy’s most haunted locations.

Conwy CastleĀ 

Said to be one of Wales’ most haunted buildings is the famous castle that greets our holiday home owners’ every time they cross the bridge on their way to the park. Most well know are the apparitions of a hooded monk. You can tell when he is around because a strong smell of incense follows him.

Conwy Quay

“The Curse of the Conwy Mermaids” may sound like a B-list movie but it’s a myth that tells the story of a group of fisherman who caught a mermaid in their nets. Despite her agonising pleas, the fisherman took her back to Conwy and paraded her through the town. She set a curse on the town of Conwy using her last breath.

Plas Mawr

One of Wales’ most prized historical attractions also has a dark story in its past. The medieval mansion was built for Robert Wynn in 1577 and was the home of him, his wife and infant son. The tragic story goes that whilst Robert was away from home his wife came down from the tower her son in her arms to escape the cold. She tripped and fell into the Lantern room, injuring both of them severely. The usual doctor was unavailable and so a newly qualified doctor called who was too inexperienced to treat them but locked the door, keeping them all in. On return, Robert broke into the room and found his family dead and no sign of the doctor. It turned out the young doctor had tried to escape up chimney, where he to died. Mysterious noises can still be heard coming from the Lantern room.