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New Holiday Homes For Sale Arriving on Park!

New Holiday Homes For Sale Arriving on Park!

Whilst the park has been closed for the last couple of months, we have been busy ordering! We now have a whole host of new holiday homes which have already been arriving on park and will continue to do so in the coming weeks.

The website has been updated with each new holiday home, so you can see the essential information such as price, make and model, size, number of bedrooms and any extras, etc. Photos of the holiday homes in situ will be uploaded in due course but for now we only have stock images of some of our new units as provided by the manufacturers but they will still give you a general idea and feel for the holiday homes.

We still recommend giving us a call and speaking to Christine our park manager. She will be best placed to give you an idea of each individual plot and can answer questions involving a plot’s outlook and position. To give you a better idea in this regard, a site map can be viewed and downloaded in PDF format from the Holiday Home Sales page which shows you where each new individual holiday homes is destined.

As well as our new stock, we will upload any pre-owned stock that comes up for sale as and when they become available.